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The Trick ‘r Treat Burst-A-Box Sam 

        Part pumpkin, part supernatural being. Sam is the enforcer of the rules of Halloween. This jack-in-the-box is approximately 14” tall when popped. Sam features a detailed head sculpt and a clothed spring body, all encased in a tin music box.

                                       Burst-A-Box features Freddy Krueger

  A Nightmare on Elm Street Burst-A-Box features Freddy Krueger the Elm Street slasher. This jack-in-the-box is approximately 14” tall when popped. Freddy features a detailed head sculpt and a clothed spring body and wears his infamous striped sweater with a removable fedora that Freddy Krueger can wear when popped out of his tin.

                                NECA Trick r Treat 5” Sam Clothed Figure

Sam stands at approximately 5” tall and is in his pajamas featuring a removable sack that shows his unmasked head with jaw articulation. Sam also includes a Trick or Treat bag and lollipop.

Neca Halloween (2018) 1/4 Scale Action Figure Michael Myers

Michael stands over 18″ tall, with over 25 points of articulation and accessories. The figure comes with knife, hammer, and victim’s head.

Neca Aliens Ultra Deluxe Boxed Figure Alien Resurrection Queen

She stands over 15″ tall and is over 30″ long, with over 30 points of articulation, including a poseable tail. Includes a display stand and two different interchangeable inner mouths.

From the cult classic 1985 movie The Goonies, Chunk and Sloth. They are fully posable for maximum action. Sloth stands approximately 8” tall and comes with a sword accessory & pirate hat. Chunk stands over 5” tall and comes with a pirate hat and replica David statue

    NECA Godzilla King of the Monsters movie! Rodan features articulated wings and includes a support rod for simulated in-air poses. The figure measures 13 inches from wing to wing and comes in window box packaging with opening flap.