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                           The Mezco Designer Series 

        The MDS Tiffany has her bleach blonde hair with her bridal gown, her leather jacket, black work boots and gun. Tiffany stands 6 inches tall.

                                       Neca The Ultimate Pinhead

   The Ultimate Pinhead the all new action figure has an all new sculpt and detail, from the pins in his head to the tools of torture dangling over the soft goods vinyl skirt. Pinhead comes with 2 heads and the both open and closed Lament Configuration puzzle boxes.

                                Mezco Mega scale Saw Billy With Sound

Mega scale Billy The Puppet with sound stands 15 inches tall and outfitted in his tuxedo and bowtie.

Neca They Live Alien 2 Pack 8″ Clothed Action Figures

First time in action figure aliens in this clothed action figure set, a male and female alien. Both come with the wristwatches, also includes a television, magazine, newspaper and necklace accessories.

Mezco Living dead Doll The Crow

The Crow is outfitted in a black shirt, leather-look pants, leather-look overcoat, and wears his fiancée’s engagement ring around his neck. 

LDD The Crow stands 10” tall and is packaged in a window box for display.

From the cult classic 1985 movie The Goonies, Chunk and Sloth. They are fully posable for maximum action. Sloth stands approximately 8” tall and comes with a sword accessory & pirate hat. Chunk stands over 5” tall and comes with a pirate hat and replica David statue

    Mezco Living Dead Dolls The Shinning Jack Torrance stands 10 inches tall and wears a corduroy jacket, a plaid button down shirt jeans and work boots.